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McComas Disaster June 1924
Memories of McComas, West Virginia

Tragedy Strikes McComas

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McComas Disaster June 1924
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Charley and Viola Bird

Gina Bocock is the daughter of Maxine Bird (Crane Creek) and Gino Brugnoli (Thornhill). Maxine's father was Charlie Bird Manager of the American Coal Companies Crane Creek and Pinnacle Company Stores (see Charlie and Viola Bird in photo at the left). Gino's family are documented on the Thornhill page of my McComas Web Site. Gino is top left in the photo below with his parents/Gina's grandparents top center. Gina inherited these McComas flood photo's from her McComas ancestors and has graceously shared them with this website.

Brugnoli Family and their WWII military sons/son-in-law article


Chief Engineer at McComas views the disaster.

Henry W. Saunders Chief Engineer, American Coal Company, McComas surveys the damage!